Bachar Houli Cup

The Bachar Houli Cup is designed to provide male and female Muslim students attending Islamic schools the opportunity to participate in an interschool sports program.


Cultural Awareness Training

With over 700,000 Muslims living in Australia and the prevalence of misconceptions and negative stereotypes about Islam, BHF has developed a cultural awareness training session to provide a basic understanding of the religion as well as how to create a culturally safe and appropriate work environment for employees of Muslim background.


Bachar Houli Academy

The Bachar Houli Academy is a high-performance football talent program for emerging junior male players aged between twelve to eighteen who come from an Islamic background. The academy’s frameworks are developed by subject matter experts providing an industry-leading curriculum and delivered by experienced educators and coaches.


Elite Performance Academy

The Elite Performance Camp is an exclusive intensive program led by Bachar Houli for selected players who demonstrate elite leadership qualities and football talent. The Elite Performance Camp is held internationally exposing the participants to the best high performance facilities in the world.