Muhammad Ansary is a community activist who was awarded the Bachar Houli Foundation (BHF) Community Award in Queensland earlier this year.

Ansary is the Founder and Director of the Merciful Servants, a not-for-profit organisation based in Brisbane which recently expanded its operations to the Gold Coast.

They serve those most in need through the giving of food, non-perishable items and clothing. The organisation is motivated through the faith of Islam and engages local schools, community groups, and businesses to help support their weekly operations.

Merciful Servants is run by more than a hundred Muslim volunteers each week, striving to promote kindness and provide much-needed community assistance.

In addition to his full-time work, Ansary gives countless unpaid hours every week to developing a more harmonious community and was a key contributor to our BHF Ramadan Iftar in Queensland this year.

Ansary is highly respected in his community and was commended by his peers upon receiving the BHF Community Award back in May of this year.

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